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An ECM isn’t a system that you can choose on the fly - it will affect the way documents are managed right across your organisation, so it’s going to change the way people work.

This is why, before you go to market for an ECM, you should understand what you think you need and everything a strong ECM could do for you.

Welcome to the ECM Checklist - your complete guide to finding the right ECM for your business. Read on to discover how to:

  • Define your organisation’s needs
  • Discover what other, similar businesses are using
  • Review online sources to assess fit and quality of available solutions
  • Prepare thoroughly for product demonstrations, leaving no stone unturned
  • Shortlist and compare your vendors’ functionality accurately
  • Provide the right information to get accurate quotes so you can make your final business decision

We hope you find this checklist helpful.

Kyocera enterprise content management (ECM) solution checklist

How to find the right ECM system for your needs