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Privacy Impact Assessmemt

Do you need assistance on becoming Australian Government Agencies Privacy Code compliant? Did you know this comes into effect from the 1st July 2018?

Book an impact assessment and we’ll show you how.

The Code sets out specific requirements and key practical steps that agencies must take as part of complying with the Australian Privacy Principle (APP 1.2).

The Code requires agencies to have a Privacy Management plan as well as a Privacy Officer assigned as the first point of contact for privacy matters within the agency.

Often, the trouble is knowing where to start - which is why it helps to have an external, experienced eye take a closer look under the hood.

KYOCERA can help you build a consistent, high standard of personal information management across your agency. Ensuring your agency collects, uses, discloses and stores personal information in a manner that is compliant to the Australian Government Agencies Privacy Code.

Book a FREE Privacy Impact Assessment and we’ll show you how.

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