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How the pandemic has reshaped the future of work

The Reshaping Productivity reportwritten by The Economist Intelligence Unit, investigates the relationship between remote work and productivity in the workplace.

The document provides business leaders with in-depth analysis into:

  • Productivity trends as a result of the shift to remote work
  • The organisational factors affecting productivity in the remote workplace
  • The impact of company culture on productivity
  • The costs and benefits of remote work and its place in the future of work

It’s an invaluable resource for those who are looking to equip their team for success in an era in which hybrid work environments are set to become the new norm.

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Helpful resources


What makes remote work more productive?

The covid-19 pandemic has required organisations to enable their teams to work from home virtually overnight — with mixed results for productivity.

Why investing in technology can increase productivity in the workplace

Why investing in technology can increase productivity

Many organisations struggle to increase productivity. Three very different firms demonstrate how they have succeeded with the help of tailored technology solutions.

Human-centred values at the heart of the future workplace

Human-centred values at the heart of the future workplace

How the Kyocera philosophy helped us adapt to the accelerating trend of remote work and future-proof our organisation for a new era of hybrid workforces.

Remote work and productivity in the workplace: The facts at a glance

As the backbone of the Reshaping Productivity report, The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed more than 360 business executives from around the world on the impact that shifting to remote work has had on business productivity. The key takeaways from the May 2021 survey are summarised in the infographic: A changed workplace, a new productivity.

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Insights include: 

   Predictions on the longevity of working from home arrangements beyond the pandemic
   The impact of remote work on productivity 
   Key enablers and tools to boost productivity in the workplace in a remote setting