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Purchase an eligible TASKalfa A3 Colour multifunction printer and get 12 months access to Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan (KCPS) for just $1* more – it’s that easy.


KCPS is our new native cloud print management tool built on our cloud platform technology that allows you to optimise your company's print environment. With increased flexibility and features, KCPS removes the costs of on-site servers by managing your Kyocera devices in the Cloud.


This is a limited time offer and Terms and Conditions apply.


To find out more about our TASKalfa range you can Contact Us or use our live chat feature. 



What is KCPS?
Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan is a cloud-based print management tool. To find out more visit here.
What is on offer?
Eligible Kyocera customers will receive up to 12 months access to our cloud-based print management solutions for the cost of only $1.
What do I have to do to be eligible?
Purchase/rent/lease an eligible, new TASKalfa device between June 15 and September 30 and for the additional cost of only $1 customers will receive a 12 month subscription to KCPS. Eligible TASKalfa devices include TASKalfa 2554ci, TASKalfa 3554ci, TASKalfa 4054ci, TASKalfa 5054ci, TASKalfa 6054ci & TASKalfa 7054ci.
What if I want to continue using KCPS beyond the promotional, 12 month period?
You will be sent a renewal notice both 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to the end of your 12 months subscription. This communication will give you the opportunity to either discontinue using KCPS, or to continue using KCPS for a further 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month term. If you do nothing you will automatically be rolled into a 12 month subscription and your access to KCPS will remain uninterrupted.
What if I am already purchasing a 2/3/4/5 year KCPS subscription with my new TASKalfa purchase?
If you were already planning to purchase a subscription with your new TASKalfa, then you will still receive the first 12 months for the cost of only $1. Standard fees and charges will resume from the end of the first 12 months.